Work Schedule / Site Security

Site Security

Ongoing security includes fencing to restrict access.

Public Access Maintained

Public access to local businesses was maintained throughout construction. Some traffic was temporarily re-routed to allow access to the 115 River Road pier and pier parking was reconfigured several times. Detailed traffic updates were distributed to affected businesses and signs were posted to direct traffic. When work was completed in March 2021, the area was restored around the pier building with more than 100 parking spaces provided.

Transportation Impacts Minimal

Truck traffic consisted of daily site workers, material delivery, and periodic transport of excess soil and debris to off-site approved facilities. All soil removed from the site was contained in sealed liners in the truck beds and precautions were taken to prevent truck tires from contacting potentially contaminated soil.


Soil solidification on the main Quanta property and the area across River Road was completed on March 5, 2021, with ongoing site cleanup and removal of all equipment. After the completion of this work, ongoing site activities will be limited to 1-2 contractors onsite 1-2 days a week for ongoing maintenance and monitoring work.