Demolition of 115 River Road

115 River Road Building

Soil remediation at the Quanta Resources Superfund Site has been suspended pending demolition of the 115 River Road Building (not including the pier building.)


The 115 River Road Building is a two-three story former industrial building extending from the Hudson River to River Road. It was constructed over time as a series of nine structures that appear to be one building.

In preparation for the demolition of the building, asbestos abatement and waste removal will be starting at 115 River Road in early August. Work is planned in sections, working east to west, from the river toward the road. After removal of asbestos and waste has been certified, demolition may begin in eastern sections of the property while asbestos and waste removal continues in western sections.

Only the building itself will be demolished. All subsurface areas will be left in place and will be addressed when soil remediation resumes.

Honeywell will oversee the asbestos and waste removal as well as the demolition.

Pre-demolition Activities (June)

Hazardous materials survey - Trained workers surveyed the building for asbestos, lead-based paint, and other potentially hazardous materials (such as fluorescent lights) commonly found in buildings of this type and age.

Debris removal - Workers removed furniture, debris, and other loose materials for recycling and disposal.

Asbestos / Waste Removal (August Start)

Asbestos abatement and waste removal will be completed by NorthStar, an experienced demolition, wrecking, and abatement contractor.

Asbestos abatement - Non-friable asbestos was identified in the building roof; it is a common component of roofing materials. "Non-friable" refers to asbestos that is locked securely into the material and does not easily become airborne when crushed.

The roof will be removed using small tools and roof saws. Removed material will be placed in lined containers for transportation and offsite disposal in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

NorthStar will provide official clearance certifying that all asbestos has been completely removed from a section of the building before demolition can begin in that section.

Waste removal - Items containing waste materials will be removed before demolition. These items include used batteries, fluorescent lights and lamps, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, items containing refrigerants, and other similar items. Removed items will be sorted and placed in staging areas protected from precipitation and direct sunlight before transportation and offsite disposal or recycling.

Air Monitoring During Asbestos Abatement - Though not required by regulation or permits, air will be monitored for asbestos using mobile monitoring stations placed near the work area. Air monitoring for asbestos will be discontinued when asbestos abatement has been completed.

Building Demolition

Demolition will be completed in accordance with all applicable laws and ordinances, and with required state and Borough of Edgewater permits and inspections. It will be done by the property owner.

A detailed Demolition Fact Sheet will be prepared and distributed prior to the start of demolition.

Air Monitoring During Demolition - Prior to the start of demolition, an EPA-approved dust monitoring system will be added to the existing air sampling locations surrounding 115 River Road. In addition, dust suppression techniques will be implemented at the site.


Early August - Asbestos abatement and waste removal is expected to take approximately 6-7 weeks.

September - Demolition will move from east to west, from the river to the road. Demolition of the eastern sections will begin after asbestos and waste removal has been certified, while those activities may still be ongoing in the western sections.

Demolition is expected to take approximately three months.

For More Information, Contact:
Victoria Streitfeld
Honeywell Community Liaison
Phone: 973-455-5030