Soil Cleanup - Spring 2017 through Summer 2018

Soil cleanup at the Quanta site began in May 2017 using a process called in situ solidification (ISS). In the ISS process, cement is mixed with the contaminated soil using excavator buckets. The mixed material hardens into a solidified mass, locking up arsenic, coal tar, and waste oil, and preventing groundwater from moving through it.

  • ~50% of soil solidification completed
  • Extensive on- and offsite air monitoring system
  • Parking and walkways for the 115 River Road Pier Building constructed
  • New steel bulkhead along shoreline to protect Hudson River substantially completed

Remediation work was suspended in July 2018 pending demolition of the 115 River Road Building (not including the pier building).

Photos here.

Air Monitoring - Spring 2017 through Summer 2018

Honeywell, with EPA oversight, implemented an extensive air monitoring program at the site. Air monitoring consisted of the following components:

  • "Real-time" Site Perimeter Monitoring - Daily "real-time" monitoring for dust and total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was conducted during soil remediation using fixed and mobile air monitors around the perimeter of the site. Past total VOC and dust data can be found here.
  • Offsite Air Monitoring - To protect public health where people live, work, and shop, air monitoring was conducted at the site perimeter fence line and in Independence Harbor, The Promenade, The Metropolitan, iPark, and City Place. Data was collected and analyzed for 17 individual VOCs present in soil at the site. Results were compared to conservative screening levels used to be protective of public health. Results from offsite sampling (May 2017 to June 2018) can be found here.